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Why swap to an environmentally friendly toothbrush? - Bamboo 

Late 2018 and early 2019 has brought an increasing amount of information about plastic pollution and our environment to social media. The every day person is being educated through social media on the impacts plastics are having on our planet and in our oceans. There are numerous simple ways in which we can our play our part in becoming the solution to the problem, new eco friendly products are becoming popular to swap away from plastic products. One of the most efficient and versatile materials is bamboo and you will see an abundance of plastic substitutes made from bamboo in the near future. Toothbrushes are the new craze and there are so many reasons why you should change to a bamboo toothbrush, and here they are. 
1) 1 Billion Plastic Toothbrush waste in USA every year
With dentists recommending that you change your toothbrushes once every 2/3 months, consider this that if every person in 1st and 2nd world country use 2/3/4 toothbrushes a year how many are going to waste.
The stat of 1 Billion toothbrushes get dumped in landfill sites each year in USA, this is just in Northern American. Think of that stat on a global scale, then it is scary how much plastic is going into the environment just from a toothbrush.
The manufacturing process for a single plastic toothbrush is made up of so many dangerous chemicals, crude oil and petroleum that all get released into the oceans.
2) 2050 more PLASTIC than FISH
By 2050 studies have calculated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish and plastic toothbrushes are a major contributor to this. In Hawaii recently, an Albatross was seen regurgitating a plastic toothbrush to feed to their chicks. WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!
plastic in the ocean
4) Polluting the oceans
They end up working their way to the oceans and beaches but at this point they have broken up into thousands of micro-plastics which now get ingested by little fish which then get eaten by bigger fish and this works it way up the food chain until we are eating the plastic. The plastics are also harbouring masses of new bacteria in the ocean in which studies have shown to be endangering algae, all over different areas of the world, which help maintain the ecosystem.
5) Over 450 years to decompose!
With the plastic toothbrushes taking that long to decompose that just sit in the landfills slowly releasing their chemicals into the atmosphere or into the ground in which they fester which slowly makes its way into what we eat and drink. So essentially we are harming ourselves and future generations to come.
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