Our Mission - @Bambuu®

 Our Mission Statement - 

"To use power of social media in a positive way to strive to Educate, Inspire and Empower to create Purposeful Products that give back and create purposeful impacts to our planet and people."

Our Mission - 

For our Purposeful Products to fund the set up of Simple, Sustainable Recycling Facilities in the developing world alongside localised incentives to tackle both the Environmental and Humanitarian Issues of plastic pollution and poverty. 

Purposeful products - @Bambuu

How it will work: 

- The set up of Recycling Facilities/Centres in specific areas in the developing world to Recycle or Repurpose plastics.

- Localised incentives to empower locals to collect plastic in their local environment to be delivered to our facilities and weighed in exchange for credit for groceries or Educational Fee's for their children or healthcare. 

- Plastic will then be sorted into specific material quality; Higher Quality and Recyclable plastics will be sold to be RECYCLED generate an income stream for the Recycling Facility, Lower Quality and Unrecyclable will be REPURPOSED into Plastic Building Bricks to be sold at cost to locals. 

Current Stage: 

@BambuuProject has been launched* partnering with Humanitas Charity to bring together knowledge and resources from an Environmental and Humanitarian angle. Humanitas Charity have schools based in Rural Ghana and Romania. *Public launch October 1st

BamBam - Our bricking making machine is at low-tech stage producing compressed plastic bricks from a variety of plastics that have already been trialed, tested and used in India to build homes in local communities. We will start working with The University of Herts alongside retired space engineer's who produced the machine to introduce some technology to heat the plastics to form a consistent, standardised brick.

Humanitarian Aid - Environmental Aid - @BambuuProject

 Plastic Brick Machine - Environmental Business - @Bambuu

 Plastic Pays - Environmental Aid - @BambuuProject