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    ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS - @BAMBUU&CO  BAMBOO CUTLERY - SUSTAINABLE - ZERO WASTE   The reason @Bambuu&Co have released their own set of high-quality bamboo cutlery. https://bambuubrush.com/ @BambuuBrush have released their own range of bamboo cutlery!  It's not only more environmentally frie...
  • @Bambuu&Co release THE LUNCH BOX!

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    BAMBOO - STAINLESS STEEL - @Bambuu&Co REUSABLE - ECO FRIENDLY - LUNCH BOX    The reason @Bambuu&Co is releasing their own reusable lunch box. The common items which are used for lunches on the go are Cling film & plastic Tupperware. Wrapped snacks and lunches are an everyday sight at ...
  • One Simple Change thats changing the world - @BambuuBrush

    Hilary Robertson

    Bamboo Toothbrush - Change the world - Eco Friendly Wooden toothbrush - Biodegradable packaging - Bamboo The simple idea of a bamboo toothbrush that’s changing the world, one simple eco friendly change at a time. The year 2019 will – most of us hope – go down as a tipping point when we started t...