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Tommie and Rebecca – @BambuuBrush founders – have been meeting with the team at Gandy’s, the brand on a mission to stop people passively letting life go by when they could be doing more. It’s a perfect fit of the two brands together.

The Gandy’s strapline is ‘Don’t Just Exist’ and that’s been Tommie and Rebecca’s mantra, too, as they’ve travelled around the world and – just twelve months ago – founded @BambuuBrush. Rebecca said: ‘We love Gandy’s, because they are encouraging everyone to make the most of their life, explore, find their own adventures and give back. Their Orphans for Orphans foundation is inspiring – giving 10% of their profits to help underprivileged children who, like them, were affected by the Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka in 2004.’ The Tsunami was the spur for Rob and Paul Forkan to start their foundation and then to create Gandy’s, now one of the most iconic travel and lifestyle clothing brands in the UK. Tommie said: ‘That was a huge event for the region but also for the Forkan family – four children who instantly became orphans. They are using that impetus to transform the lives of others, with kids’ campuses built in Sri Lanka, Malawi, Nepal and Brazil.

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‘For Rebecca and I, it was seeing the plastics in oceans across the world that made us determined to make changes ourselves and encourage others to do the same. Although our experience has been nothing like Rob and Paul’s, we’re on the same journey of making a difference. We’re learning from them – they really are an inspiration. They have experienced the generosity of people in the developing world, as we have, and it’s great to share our experiences.’ Rebecca added: ‘I have been lucky enough to travel the world for 10 years and have experienced so much love and generosity from people from developing countries. That is why I want to focus on giving back and not just existing.’ Gandy’s are further along on their business journey and they’ve been very generous in sharing advice on how to make @BambuuBrush a more profitable and sustainable business, while staying true to our vision and goals.

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Tommie and Rebecca can be seen in their Gandy’s clothing on videos from their latest trips, including China in January and Ghana in March. They’re proud to be part of the movement to make a difference in the products we all buy and use every day.

Don't forget to 1) Get yourself over to and get involved in their travel lifestyle and clothing range which gives back to creating orphanages and 2) head over to for your one simple change away from plastic to a bamboo toothbrush that gives back to providing clean water to vulnerable children in developing countries.

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