UNILAD shares @BambuuBrush Message

Bamboo Toothbrush UK - Social Media - @BambuuBrush

UniLad Adventure - Eco Friendly Products - @BambuuBrush

UK's leading bamboo toothbrush company, @BambuuBrush, have shared their positive message that we can all make simple changes away from plastic and combat plastic pollution by swapping to more sustainable and environmentally friendly products with UniLad, one's of the UK's biggest platforms for viral videos and entertainment.

An amazing opportunity to spread the @BambuuBrush message to over 8.8million followers and continue to educate, inspire, and empower people that we can all make a positive impact on our planet! 
Make your One Simple Change today and get 20% off your bamboo toothbrush at @BambuuBrush with  "ECO20".
Founders - Tommie Eaton & Rebecca Dudbridge

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