Hilary Robertson 7/13/2021

Finding a practical solution to plastic pollution


Everything we do aims to find simple, practical solutions to the environmental problems around the world and our Plastic Swap Shop is no different. Too much plastic ends up in our oceans and we want to make it easy for everyone to stop that at source. We are proposing a low cost, innovative solution for rural communities to turn their waste into real benefits.

Working together with our charity partners - Humanitas - we are bringing real-life recycling to people in Ghana. This low cost, innovative solution will ultimately create a community hub where plastic waste can be exchanged for products created at our Plastic Swap Shop, educational fees, medical insurances, every day groceries and utilities.

The process is simple and effective. Locals collect the plastic from the beaches, homes and countryside and bring it to our purpose built Plastic Swap Shop. The plastic is then separated into the varying plastics to be bundled and sold or extruded (melted down) and made into practical household items such as plates, cups, bowls, water holders/containers and furniture.

“After two years we aim to have a blueprint that can be replicated in developing communities around the world,” said @Bambuu founder Tommie. “We will work with current and future partners to develop a full product range including the production of compliant building materials for the construction of homes in the developing world.”

 Read more about the Humanitas Swap Shop project here .


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