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Over 250 people come together in Hitchin to help tackle the problem of litter and rubbish in the town. The event organised by Clean up Hitchin, Hitchin forum and with the support from @BambuuBrush on promoting and donating treasures to the event, The Big Hitchin Clean up was the most attended Clean Up so far in the town. 

The world is certainly starting to wake up to the effects in which plastic pollution is having on our wildlife and to our planet. There is more and more information and awareness surrounding plastic pollution circulating on social media and mainstream news these days, knowledge is the first step towards a greener more sustainable future. These articles and facts reinforce why we should make simple changes to our lives to reduce our plastic footprint.

Plastic pollution - Cleaning up

Local communities across the world are starting to take action into their own hands to try and combat this epidemic and organising Local Community Clean ups.

What is a Community Clean up?

This is where a group of local resident meet up in one place at one time and go round the town and collect the litter to make the town a cleaner, greener place. A community clean up is a great way to show that your group cares about your local environment, while actively encouraging people not to drop litter and to take pride in where they live. 

Clean up plastic

In Hitchin, 17th March 2019, there was one of the best turn out's to a local town clean up in England. Over 250 people attending the middle in 8 different locations across the town. Armed with their littler picker and 2 different sets of recycling and general waste bags, the army of 250 hit the areas in Hitchin that are most effected by plastic pollution. 

Clean up Hitchin and Hitchin Forum have been running this event since 2012 and has slowly been increasing the amount of people and different local groups involved. This year @BambuuBrush, a local eco friendly company who have big plans ahead of them to tackle this plastic epidemic we find ourselves in, have helped out on the promotional sides of the event using their social media platforms to help spread awareness of the event. They also donated a number of their @BambuuBrushes as treasures and prizes for the children who attended the Big Clean Up to find and win. 

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These community clean up's are something that we can all organise and even act upon without having an organise event. There is a great movement that @BambuuBrush are working with called The Adventure Bag Crew, who have set up a simple movement through social media where wherever you are in the world, when you go on a walk, a hike or an adventure, collect a bag of rubbish and litter, take a photo of your "Adventure Bag" post it on social media and then recycle your Adventure Bag.

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