1 Piece A Day, Keeps Global Warming Away! By Harrison Beach

Global Warming - Plastic Pollution - Wooden Toothbrush

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Making simple changes away from plastic, just like @BambuuBrush and their bamboo toothbrush. I truly believe education is motivation. Take plastic waste and global warming for example. For some years it went under the radar. Nobody spoke about it, everyone continued to use plastic and global warming was just this thing they spoke about on the news but never really paid too much attention to. Fast forward to 2010, global warming started to be spoken of more and more, it was on the news every day, stats were coming out and the heat (pardon the pun) was really on. Fast forward a little more to the David Attenborough Documentary , famed for showing the straw stuck in the turtles nose and boom, Global warming is tossed to the forefront of everyones minds. This time, people are being educated more. Sometimes that’s all it takes, for someone like David Attenborough to showcase the reality of what’s going on around the world, to show the less glamorous side of these documentaries and to show the real effects of plastic pollution. It was that one clip of that one documentary that has caused an entire movement to try and end plastic pollution for good.


No matter how big or small, if you’re reducing your plastic usage, then you’re moving in the right direction. In my opinion, it’s not viable to completely cut out plastic all together. To go from one day, using plastic to the next, completely cutting it out of your life. It’s like anything, you have to gradually ease your way off it. And for me, that’s what I’ve been doing. Hence the title of this blog post, 1 Piece A Day, Keeps Global Warming Away. What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

If each day that goes by, you try and use one less piece of plastic than the day before. Or if you’ve got to use plastic, try and reuse it more than once. If you’re just using one less piece a day, each day, then it’ll keep global warming away. If we all adopted that mentality, we could really make a difference. But how? Well, take your weekly food shop for example. You’re balls deep in the fruit section, diving head first into the apples... where are you going to put them? Well of course, you take a plastic bag provided by the store, right? WRONG! Use a paper bag, don’t use a bag at all or if you really insist on it, there are plenty of providers who are now making crocheted, reusable grocery bags just for this purpose. To all the coffee lovers out there... buy a coffee mug! If you want to be totally instagrammable, I’d like to point you in the direction of Keep Cup. A coffee cup made of glass, with a cork or rubber surrounding to keep you from burning yourself. Totally on trend, totally popular and totally good for the environment. And what’s even better is you save yourself money! If you take your own coffee cup into places like Starbucks and order a coffee, you get a discount for providing your own cup. So you’re saving your pocket, whilst saving the planet... BOOM! And then of course, we come to @BambuuBrush. Get rid of that plastic toothbrush that you re-purchase multiple times a year and replace it with something like the @BambuuBrush. Something that works just as good for your teeth but helps massively with the plastic waste. Imagine if everyone in the world, that uses a plastic toothbrush replaced it with one made from Bamboo? Millions upon millions of plastic toothbrushes, gone from our oceans!


Plastic pollution as you know is a huge issue right now and one that isn’t going away. It’s taking over our oceans and will soon take over our planet. There is no wrong way to reduce your plastic consumption but there is a right time to start... NOW! If we don’t make a change then nobody will.


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