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Plastic Pollution and Sustainability Training in the workplace

Tommie and Rebecca's background stem's from sustainability consulting, specifically in the travel industry working with and alongside companies and organisations to develop simple, achievable sustainability initiatives. With consumer buying habits, and the general public becoming more aware of the impacts our choices play on our environment, it is imperative that businesses and organisations understand the importance of; having strategies to combat and reduce their footprint to our planet, and to understand that this can be used positively to increase productivity and in turn increase profits.

sustainability development training

As an environmental service The @Bambuu® Team work with businesses and employees in a number of ways to develop, educate, inspire and promote their businesses to reach a specific goal in sustainability. With Tommie and Rebecca's background in sustainability coming from the travel and hospitality industry and their extensive time spent in the developing countries of South East Asia, the basis of @Bambuu® training and delivery surrounds the specific area of plastic waste in the workplace and supply chain.

@Bambuu® offer training sessions to educate employees on 2 simple modules;

Educational and Awareness Fundamentals 

- Facts and Figures to show the impacts plastic is having on our planet and to ourselves.

- The importance of why we need to reassess our plastic footprint in the workplace

Action and Inspiration

- How we can make simple changes away from plastics

- How to use these changes as a positive in business and implement strategies to maintain the progress made.

We focus these points on for key areas to success; Awareness, Action, Inspiration and Community.

We work with companies all across the world to help develop their sustainability  targets from large organisations with many employees to smaller businesses to schools. Below is an example of a video we created, where @Bambuu® worked with a large Australian Travel company to promote a sustainability initiative throughout their company and on their group travel excursions.

We believe our half day training workshops on plastic pollution and sustainability are the most impactful for a business and it's employees. For more enquiries in how you can book @Bambuu® to come and deliver to your school, company, department, or employees please get in touch by:

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