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    Bold Commerce Collaborator

    BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH - REUSE - ECO FRIENDLY  ALLOTMENT IDEAS - ZERO WASTE - STAY HOME - HEALTHY EATING    Once your @Bambuubrush has come to the end of its use (many dentists recommend you change your bamboo toothbrush every 3 months), you simply snap the head off or pull the bristles out with plier...
  • UNILAD shares @BambuuBrush Message

    Tom Eaton

    Bamboo Toothbrush UK - Social Media - @BambuuBrush UniLad Adventure - Eco Friendly Products - @BambuuBrush UK's leading bamboo toothbrush company, @BambuuBrush, have shared their positive message that we can all make simple changes away from plastic and combat plastic pollution by swapping to mor...
  • @BambuuBrush China Documentary - BTS

    Hilary Robertson

    Bamboo Toothbrush UK - Plastic Pollution - @BambuuBrush @BambuuBrush film a short documentary on how your bamboo toothbrush comes to life from bamboo forest to your @BambuuBrush. The @BambuuBrush team began 2020 with a vengeance – visiting the bamboo forests and factories that produce our speci...
  • @BambuuBrush Hitchin Big Clean Up 2.0

    Tom Eaton

    Hitchin - Clean Up - Bamboo Toothbrush UK Local Community fights plastic Pollution - Hitchin - Cleaning up  @BambuuBrush's second big clean up in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, was a huge success with over 20 people joining on Saturday morning at 10am. Plastic pollution is a continually growing concern ...
  • Time to Wake Up

    Tom Eaton

    The plastic epidemic we are in at the moment is something we need to educate people on. The waste management systems and politics is not correct and we need to wake up and change.