@Bambuu&Co release THE LUNCH BOX!




The reason @Bambuu&Co is releasing their own reusable lunch box.

The common items which are used for lunches on the go are Cling film & plastic Tupperware.

Wrapped snacks and lunches are an everyday sight at lunchtime, with 1.2 billion meters of cling film thrown away across the UK every year. Cling film is single-use plastic.

As for Tupperware - Heat can cause the BPA and Phthalates in plastics to leach into your food which is not good for your health. Meaning you should avoid microwaving food and beverages in any plastics. 

@Bambuu&Co wanted to provide their customers with an alternative option away from these lunch choices which are damaging our planet and the health of humans.

They have created THE LUNCH BOX. A plastic-free stainless steel and natural bamboo lunch box. Great for preparing and transporting your lunch every day. The bamboo lid can double as a chopping board or serving board, how cool is that! Instead of cutting your apples before work, resulting in them browning by the time it gets to lunch, you can now cut them up on your desk using your very own chopping board, no need to bring a plate to work either.

They look super cool and trendy, also, as its stainless steel, it doesn’t suffer from discoloring or lingering odors, which other lunch boxes on the market can.

A perfect alternative away from single-use plastics. Don't forget to check out the @Bambuu&Co website for other ways to help eradicate single-use plastics once & for all. In fact, their Bamboo cutlery set will go hand in hand with this lunch box.

 Reusable lunchbox



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