The Bamboo Cotton Buds - @Bambuu®

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  • Made from Moso bamboo and cotton - 100pcs
  • 100% Compostable - Organic waste or Compost
  • 100% Compostable Natural Kraft Cardboard packaging 

543.75billion plastic based cotton buds were produced in 2017 and they are the pinnacle of a poor quality single use item that is in high demand but can be easily swapped to an eco-friendly alternative. The Bamboo Cotton Buds made from organic Moso/Mao bamboo and organic cotton to inspire you to continue to make simple changes away from plastic in your bathroom.

With your purchase, we will also:
📚 Educate children on plastic pollution
🌊 Clean up Ocean-Bound Plastics
🌎 Offset our emissions quarterly

All of this through our new project - @BambuuProject