The Lunch Box - @Bambuu®

  • £18.00

Environmental charity project - Plastic Swap Shop 1.0

Our @Bambuu Lunch Box is the perfect change with stainless steel casing and bamboo lid that can double up as a plate or as a chopping board for your cheeky picnics. Food packaging makes up over 30% of all plastic waste produced and is one of the Ocean's Top Polluters so we've created an incredible alternative, The Lunch Box so you can forget that Low-Grade meal deal plastics and forget wrapping your sandwiches in cling film (the devil).

With your purchase, we will also:
📚 Educate children on plastic pollution
🌊 Clean up Ocean-Bound Plastics
🌎 Offset our emissions quarterly

All of this through our new project - @BambuuProject