“Earth Day should be every day!”




 More than 500 people joined @Bambuu founder Tommie and an impressive panel for ReTravel Live: Protecting our Planet. Hosted by Bruce Poon Tip, founder of travel company G Adventures, this live-streamed discussion aimed to discuss how we can all travel, while still reducing our impact on the planet.

Consumers and hopeful travellers from around the world were invited to join the conversation, looking at how we all - as travellers - can better protect our beautiful planet.

G Adventures

Introducing the event, G Adventures’ Kris Martinez presented the discussion as a continuation of the work done on Earth Day in April, especially as so many of believe that every day should be Earth Day.

G Adventures is a social enterprise and a small group travel company. They have been pioneers of community tourism heading out into the world 30 years ago. Their tours, created by building meaningful relationships with local communities, directly benefit the people and places they visit.

Tommie was part of the discussion hosted by Bruce Poon Tip and joined by Lily Carlson, a Canadian photographer and writer who is passionate about sustainable travel, and Neil Ever Osborne, National Geographic explorer.

Discussion topics included single-use plastics, the delicate balance between people and wildlife, ocean health, climate change.

“From my experience is how we can boost the local economies of people around the world without having a detrimental effect on the planet.,” Tommie said. “Inequality is a big driver with respect to people, animals and the environment. Education is such an important aspect of this. It’s such an overwhelming topic but we need to help people understand key issues about sustainability and inspire everyone to make a difference in small ways.”

Hilary Robertson

Watch the video of ReTravel Live here.

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