@Bambuu&Co launch new campaign. A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE!


@BambuuBrush - @Bambuu&Co - BAMBOO 

After the success of their Kickstarter campaign (hitting their funding target in the first 24 hours), @Bambuu&Co has now set a new target which we absolutely love! 

For every water bottle sold they will put £1 towards Educational Workshops in primary schools to inspire children to have a passion to protect our environment and they will also commit to take 1lb in weight of plastic out of our environment.

Head over to their Kickstarter page and check out the amazing water bottles they have on offer! Whilst you're there, take a peek at the other simple changes away from plastic. They have released a whole new range of high quality, alternatives away from single-use plastics.


A company that really does give back!

Founders - Tommie Eaton & Rebecca Dudbridge

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