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  • @Bambuu&Co have released their own reusable coffee mug!

    Bold Commerce Collaborator

    REUSABLE - COFFEE MUG - ECO FRIENDLY  @Bambuu&Co - Sustainable - zero waste  Here is why @Bambuu&Co has made the decision to launch a reusable coffee mug!  Takeaway coffee cups have a thin plastic lining which makes them hard to process for recycling. Reusable coffee cups, on the other ha...
  • Iceland leading the way in Eliminating Plastic Packaging

    Tom Eaton

    Plastic pollution - Bamboo - Eco friendly Toothbrush UK Eco Friendly Products - Eco Friendly Packaging - Bamboo  Eco friendly products and environmentally friendly packaging are on the rise. Iceland is just about to launch a loose fresh produce trial as their latest movements towards committing ...