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At @BambuuBrush® we understand that plastic pollution is just one part of a global issue in sustainability and we are fully aware that with every action there is an opposing reaction. We are striving towards becoming a 100% net-zero carbon emission company by balancing out our carbon footprint in manufacturing your @Bambuu®.

There are a number of ways in which you as an individual and us, as a company, can balance out and offset our Carbon Footprint. One way in which we at @Bambuu® work is factoring in the cost of our carbon footprint to produce and ship our product, and from that cost we donate the equating money to an organisation who will planting new trees who will absorb the amount of carbon produced. 

We advise that our manufacturers take measures to be aware of their carbon emissions and help them in making more conscious decisions for shipping and delivery. As a company we would love to source 100% of our bamboo from the UK but unfortunately there is not enough bamboo that is grown in the UK but we are actively seeking ways to do this.

We understand that offsetting our carbon footprint is not the full answer in balancing out what we produce but we are continuously learning, in this ever changing world, and getting to seeking expert advice on how we can tackle this to become 100% net-zero carbon emissions.

Below is a document of one of the certificates we have received from donating towards the planting of trees in the South East of England (the region where we are based).

January 2020

Carbon Offsetting - Bamboo - @BambuuBrush

Sept 2019

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