UK MP's Make history on Emergency on Climate Change

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MP's have passed a motion in parliament in the UK to be the first to declare that we are in a state of "environmental and climate emergency"

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Over the last couple of weeks there has been increasing media, strikes and press on the matter of climate change, including the Extinction Rebellion who brought London to a holt for nearly a week, demanding action to be taken and the truth to explained by the government. Greta Thunberg spoke with the UK government last week and directly her speech at the government to take action NOW!

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, spoke in the chamber and explained how he "hopes that the UK being the first in the world will trigger a wave of action from parliaments and governments around the world". With local elections happening today around the country, Theresa May told her conservatives MP's not to go against Labour's motion in regards to our state of emergency.

Corbyn continued to explain "we have no time to waste, we are living in a climate crisis that will spiral dangerously out of control unless we take rapid and drastic action", "This is no longer about a distant future. We are talking about nothing less than the irreversible destruction of the environment within our lifetime"

Social media has seen an increased amount of publicity and posts regarding global warming, climate change and plastic pollution and with more and more of the people taking actions into their own hands, it was only a matter of time before governments have to listen to their people. 

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    Think it was Scotland & Wales first

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