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    Bold Commerce Collaborator

    BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH - REUSE - ECO FRIENDLY  ALLOTMENT IDEAS - ZERO WASTE - STAY HOME - HEALTHY EATING    Once your @Bambuubrush has come to the end of its use (many dentists recommend you change your bamboo toothbrush every 3 months), you simply snap the head off or pull the bristles out with plier...
  • UNILAD shares @BambuuBrush Message

    Tom Eaton

    Bamboo Toothbrush UK - Social Media - @BambuuBrush UniLad Adventure - Eco Friendly Products - @BambuuBrush UK's leading bamboo toothbrush company, @BambuuBrush, have shared their positive message that we can all make simple changes away from plastic and combat plastic pollution by swapping to mor...
  • @BambuuBrush China Documentary - BTS

    Hilary Robertson

    Bamboo Toothbrush UK - Plastic Pollution - @BambuuBrush @BambuuBrush film a short documentary on how your bamboo toothbrush comes to life from bamboo forest to your @BambuuBrush. The @BambuuBrush team began 2020 with a vengeance – visiting the bamboo forests and factories that produce our speci...
  • Iceland leading the way in Eliminating Plastic Packaging

    Tom Eaton

    Plastic pollution - Bamboo - Eco friendly Toothbrush UK Eco Friendly Products - Eco Friendly Packaging - Bamboo  Eco friendly products and environmentally friendly packaging are on the rise. Iceland is just about to launch a loose fresh produce trial as their latest movements towards committing ...