Greta Thunberg - "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood"


Greta Thunberg - Eco Conscious - Bamboo Toothbrush

Greta Thunberg - Environmental Activist - @BambuuBrush

Greta Thunberg's heart felt speech at UN climate action conference in New York. Taking action on climate change and the climate emergency we are in at the moment, is the top priority for Greta and the youth of today. A true role model to young people fighting for our planet and environment.

Source - The Gaurdian

Greta Thunberg's heart felt speech that the young generation of today are watching world leaders who are failing them. This speech was in New York at the UN's climate action summit Sept 23rd. 

Greta resonates @BambuuBrush's mission of showing the One Simple Change, Multiplied by Millions and We Will Change the World!!! 

In August 2018, Greta sat outside the houses of parliament in her home country striking against the government as they were not telling the public the truth and acting rapidly on the climate emergency. A year on and now millions of children and adults are standing behind her striking more climate action. 

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