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@Bambuu has introduced a co-branded model, allowing them to inspire a wider audience, Empowering people that we all hold the power to make 'One Simple Change'. 

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@Bambuu recently teamed up with Heating Plumbing Supplies. The South’s leading independent merchants of heating and plumbing products. The forward-thinking company supplied all their customers with The Reusable Water Bottle & The Reusable Coffee Mug. This partnership highlights that you don't need to be in the "Eco" space to promote sustainable change throughout your business. Fantastic work HPS.

 Independent stores

@Bambuu works closely with independent stores globally to provide co-branded wholesale products. This gives small independent businesses a chance to promote their brand through the sale of eco-friendly products that give back to our Planet & People. These co-branded products also contribute to the funding of @Bambuu's social impact project in the developing world, to combat and utilise plastic waste. 
Independent stores feat above 
Our co-branded model allows companies & organisations to align their values and ethos with @bambuubrush, to help combat plastic pollution and spread awareness that we all hold the power to make One Simple Change.
Blueharts Hockey Club
@Bambuu partnered with various sports teams to promote sustainable action through the power of sport, inspiring team members to step away from single-use plastics. This was a fantastic mover from BlueHarts Hockey Club.
Looking for Co-branded Sustainable products for your Business, Clients, Employees, sports teams, and Customers? Please get in touch with Rebecca who will provide you with further information. 
@Bambuu believe by working together as a team, we can create bigger impact for our planet & people.



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