The Reusable Straws - @BambuuBrush®

With an estimated that 4.4 billion plastic straws thrown away each year in the UK alone, our Reusable Straw is the another product in which we need to make the change to be more sustainable. Introducing The Reusable Straws that come in 2 varieties; Bamboo and Stainless Steel, these can be washed and they are the perfect swab to be reused for long term use instead of the single-use product of the plastic straw.

Our Bamboo Straws are Responsibly Sourced from FSC Bamboo and due to the incredibly sustainable properties of bamboo need no chemicals or pesticides for growth or harvest. Once harvested your Bamboo Straws are handcrafted and shaped to produce our beautifully sustainable bamboo straws.

With your purchase, we will also:
📚 Educate children on plastic pollution
🌊 Clean up Ocean-Bound Plastics
🌎 Offset our emissions quarterly

All of this through our new project - @BambuuProject