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ESG Charity - Environmental Project - @BambuuProject
We continually embrace the company's goals of making true Purposeful Impacts to our planet and the beautiful people through Educating, Inspiring and Empowering, highlighting that no matter how big or small, rich or poor, young or old, expert or novice, that we can all make a positive difference to our world. You can DONATE to Plastic Swap Shop 1.0 to help continue to spread the positive work @Bambuu and Humanitas deliver around the world on a Humanitarian and Environmental level.
Our partnership with Humanitas Charity has progressed and developed throughout our time working with the team to a point where we are super excited to Launch Plastic Swap Shop 1.0. We are collaborating the best of both our team's resources and knowledge to continue to positively impact people around the world to give them an opportunity to thrive through @Bambuu's 3 key pillars; Education, Inspiration and Empowerment. 


Environmental Education - Plastic Pollution Awareness - @BambuuProject

As you may know Founder's Tommie and Rebecca have developed, launched and deliver Plastic Pollution workshops around the world to primary school children. Tommie's background before living and working around the world was in education. @BambuuProject will aid the team to deliver more workshops to more children in more countries around the world to understand the true negative impacts plastic pollution is causing to our planet and then positively inspire the children to have the passion to protect our environment and how they how the power to make a real difference. 

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Environmental Education - Plastic Pollution Clean up - @BambuuProject

Tommie and Rebecca's passion has been driven from seeing first hand the impact's plastic pollution is having on our environment and believe experiencing that can be so powerful to create change. In turn @Bambuu Clean ups play a vital role in changing people's mindsets in wanting to act on plastic pollution. @BambuuProject will give the team the opportunity to organise and deliver more community clean ups. So far @BambuuProject has delivered 19 clean ups and collected over 750kg of plastic. The team are currently working on a circular system to repurpose the plastic collected from the @BambuuProject Clean Ups.

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Recycling Centres - Sustainable Project - @BambuuProject

@Bambuu's long term goal is to set up Simple, Sustainable Recycling facilities alongside Localised Clean Up Incentives in developing countries. This goal have been driven through Tommie and Rebecca's personal experience in the developing world and understanding the lack of Waste Management systems in the developing world causing extreme plastic pollution. 
There are 3 major aspects to @BambuuProject Recycling Facilities: 

1. Localised Incentives 

Incentives to give the local community the potential to generate an extra income or help payment towards Educational Fees for their children at Humanitas Schools. The local's have the opportunity to gather plastic from the local area to be delivered to our facility where it will get weighed and an amount per kg will be given to the individual

2. Sorting Facility 

"One man's trash is another man treasure" - The value of waste is only going to increase, especially for plastic in a world where we are striving towards transitioning into a circular economy. Once delivered and weighed the Collected Plastic will be sorted into specific qualities. The better quality plastics which hold a higher value will be bundled and sold to fund and sustain the recycling facility financially.

3. Building Materials 

The lower quality plastics which hold less of a value financially can be compressed via our new low tech machine which repurposes soft and hard plastics into building bricks. These building bricks can be sold at cost to the local community or to be used on other project's with Humanitas.