@BambuuBrush partner with TeamGB to supply bamboo toothbrushes at Tokyo Olympic Games

Bamboo Toothbrushes supplied to athletes at Tokyo Olympic Games - @BambuuBrush

Passionate and sustainable SME @BambuuBrush have teamed up with TeamGB, Big Plastic Pledge, and Olympic Gold Medalist, Hannah Mills, to inspire people to make simple changes in their daily lives through supplying all TeamGB athletes with @BambuuBrushes at this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games. 

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@BambuuBrush was launched in February 2019 by Tommie and Rebecca who spent a combined total of 14years living and working around the world. The pair witnessed first hand how plastic pollution is negatively impacting our environment and people living in developing communities around the world. Their mission is to make sustainable actions accessible to all through sales of their sustainable products, the profits from which are used to fund their charity projects. They plan to open a Plastic Swap Shop in rural Ghana to collect and recycle plastic waste and continue to spread the message about plastic pollution through their  workshops in schools and litter clean ups across the UK. 

Hannah Mills founded Big Plastic Pledge after the Rio De Janeiro Olympics games in 2016, and says:

 “Sailing has taken me all over the world and for almost two decades I have noticed plastic in the oceans, mainly when it gets stuck under our boat and stops us dead in our tracks. But it didn’t resonate with me how bad the problem was getting until I witnessed first hand the devastating effects of plastic pollution on our oceans and planet. Every beach, marina and coastal area we visited during that 4 year period was affected and damaged beyond belief.” 

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The Big Plastic Pledge’s mission is to encourage elite athletes to take a pledge to commit to refusing single use plastic when at sporting events and to create a tidal wave of change within sport. 

After @BambuuBrush completed #1millionby2020 in October 2019 founders Tommie and Rebecca posted across social media that one of their next goals was to get all athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to use an @BambuuBrush. Fast forward 20 months and  @BambuuBrush and Big Plastic Pledge are excited to announce that all TeamGB athletes competing at Tokyo will be receiving an @BambuuBrush within their official kit bags. Over 450 TeamGB athletes and 750 backroom staff will be receiving their co-branded @BambuuBrush in the upcoming weeks before they jet set off to Tokyo to compete at the games. 

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@BambuuBrush’s social media campaign encourages customers to take a photo of their @BambuuBrush wherever they are in the world and post on social media - to inspire more people to make One Simple Change to an @BambuuBrush. The campaign has had many well known people taking the “@BambuuBrush Pose”  including Virgin Atlantic Founder, Richard Branson, UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Olympic Gold medalist, Jason Gardner, Made in Chelsea star, Alex Mytton, amongst many others and the team will be urging athletes to join the campaign and help spread their important message. 

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