Plastic toothbrush regurgitated by Albatross - Why we need to swap!

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Albatross regurgitated a plastic toothbrush to feed young on Tern Island in Hawaii! So it's simple we need to swap to an environmentally friendly toothbrush NOW as 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are sold annually each year.

This is just one of many instances recorded of plastic toothbrushes being mistaken for food in which 1million sea birds die a year from plastic. How have we let this happen, 1 million sea birds, 1 million!!!!!! 

Toothbrushes are by far not the worst pieces of plastic that enter our oceans and landfills but there is a fantastic mindset behind swapping your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo toothbrush! If you start and end your day in a sustainable way, then maybe this will ignite a flame inside you to take small simples changes in your life in making conscience decisions on your plastic footprint. Once you've brushed your teeth in the morning with a bamboo toothbrush, then you may go downstairs and make coffee at home and put it in a reuse-able coffee mug, then you may cycle to work, take your bag for life when you go shopping, buy and consume less meat in your diet. All of these small simple changes in your life can contribute to a global movement if we all do this together.

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Go start your simple change away from a plastic toothbrush with @BambuuBrush ! This small eco friendly company have some huge plans in 2019 in using social media in a positive way to create change and help and educate the every day person to swap away from plastic. Buy your @BambuuBrush now with discount "BUZZ10"

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