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    Tom Eaton

    Sustainable travel is very topical at this moment in time. Its aimed at travelling without harming natural and cultural environments. Due to global warming, pollution, plastic pollution, climate change and many more factors, we now should be implementing small changes into our travel lifestyle to create a better future for the next generation and more importantly planet earth. 

  • The Yoga Shed links with @BambuuBrush

    Tom Eaton

    Yoga Hitchin - Bamboo Toothbrush UK - Eco Friendly Beginner Yoga Hitchin - Bamboo Products - Eco Friendly  @BambuuBrush's bamboo toothbrush is nwo being sold at Hitchin's Yoga Shed. The lifestyle in which Yoga represents lends itself perfectly alongside a sustainable eco friendly way of living. T...
  • Jolly Brown stock @BambuuBrush

    Tom Eaton

    Jolly Brown - Hitchin - Bamboo Toothbrush UK Environmentally friendly Products - Second Hand clothing - Vintage clothing @BambuuBrush and their eco friendly bamboo toothbrush has now hit retailers across the country. The first retail to stock @BambuuBrushes in Hitchin is Jolly Brown, a vintage s...