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Yoga Hitchin - Bamboo Toothbrush UK - Eco Friendly

Beginner Yoga Hitchin - Bamboo Products - Eco Friendly 

@BambuuBrush's bamboo toothbrush is nwo being sold at Hitchin's Yoga Shed. The lifestyle in which Yoga represents lends itself perfectly alongside a sustainable eco friendly way of living. There are, in fact, studies that have been carried that prove that people who practise yoga are twice are likely to eat sustainably and the live to greener life. Yoga teaches you to become more aware of your mindfulness and your body so without knowing once you practise yoga you are already becoming more environmentally conscience and you would tend to make decisions which have a positive impact to your life.

It is exciting news that we can announce that we are now stocking @BambuuBrushes in The Yoga Shed, based in Hitchin. The Shed, as some users prefer to call it, has been open in Hitchin for the last couple of years and has grown a strong community of clients/users offering a range of different classes from Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates and Pre/Post Natal sessions. There are 2 studios based on site which includes 1 specifically designed Hot Yoga studio, a treatment room and a kitchen.

Hitchin Yoga Bamboo

I have had 2 experiences of yoga, once at university where I was asked to leave as I got the giggles and another time, which was a very positive experience, in India, where Yoga originally was created.

The Yoga Shed welcomes participants of all levels, which is great for the likes of myself as they quote "The Yoga Shed has been created for everyone: no matter your level of fitness, your flexibility, your gender or your age. It could be your first ever class or you may have done five hundred, it really doesn't matter, we can’t wait to welcome you"

The kitchen offers fresh and healthy food by an in house dietician who has designed specific juices and smoothies that help with your yoga and fulfilling a healthy lifestyle. Another great point about The Yoga Shed is that they say "We believe in Coffee", always a massive bonus when you see this. They have actually worked with a local roasting company and developed they very own Yoga Shed blend of coffee.

So if you are umming and arrring or tempted to start Yoga, head down to the Yoga Shed and give it a go. I'm sure when you walk through the door you will know you've come to the right place as the smell inside is just incredible, I felt like I was back in a Buddhist Temple.

For more details check out their website

Don't forget to grab your bamboo toothbrush at @BambuuBrush


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