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Here is why @Bambuu&Co has made the decision to launch reusable straws. 

Plastic straws have been around for many years. They are the definition of single-use, you use it once for it to remain on earth for over 500 years! That's crazy!



Every year the UK gets through a staggering 8.5 billion plastic straws a year.

The problem that we are facing is that each plastic straw used and thrown away, we cause damage to the environment, and specifically the oceans. Oceans are being polluted and marine life is being harmed and killed off on a huge scale due to the volume of plastic in the ocean, which straws contribute big time too.

@Bambuu&Co has made the decision to try and eradicate plastic straws once and for all. They have developed and designed two types of alternatives. A bamboo straw and a metal straw. Two high-quality alternatives which caters for all needs. 
Reusable straws are the perfect size to bring have with you at all times! I keep mine in my handbag. There is no excuse to use plastic straws anymore. I even used mine during my last visit to McDonald's as I'm not sold by their paper straws!
I love the look of @Bambuu&co straws! I actually purchased both, the metal straw for everyday liquids and the bamboo straw for thicker fluids like my smoothies or fruity cocktails, the reason for this is because the bamboo straw is wider. I love them both though!
Don't forget to check them out @Bambuu&Co. Whilst you're there have a look at the other eco-friendly alternatives away from plastic that they have to offer.


Metal straws

Bamboo Straws 

Founders - Tommie Eaton & Rebecca Dudbridge


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