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@BambuuBrush film a short documentary on how your bamboo toothbrush comes to life from bamboo forest to your @BambuuBrush.

The @BambuuBrush team began 2020 with a vengeance – visiting the bamboo forests and factories that produce our special and beautiful environmentally friendly toothbrushes.

Rebecca Dudbridge and Tommie Eaton were joined by videographer Federico Gardin and Christian Lombardi, artistic director at HBLC Marketing to see where their beautiful bamboo toothbrushes are made. Together, the team will be producing videos to show the sustainable practices used in production of every @BambuuBrush

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‘We saw the bamboo growing in mountains and mountains, bamboo was absolutely everywhere’ said Rebecca. ‘It’s such a sustainable product and it’s great to be part of helping local communities who grow and harvest it. We already knew a lot about bamboo, but learned so much more by being right there seeing the process in action. The video will be filled with lots of facts that we hope will encourage people to use bamboo more than other woody plants which can be more harmful to the planet.’

Bamboo has been used in China for thousands of years and now it brings millions of dollars each year to China. It’s fast becoming one of the most productive industries in the region. Right next to where the bamboo shrubs grow, sits the plantation’s machinery for cutting each bamboo tree into manageable lengths which are then stripped down to be shipped to factories. ‘We were proud to see the plantation taking its sustainability seriously. Every bit of the bamboo gets used, right down to the sawdust,’ explained Tommie. ‘We’re all aiming to get as close to zero waste and this factory has a lot to teach us all.’

 bamboo forest - bamboo Toothbrush UK - @BambuuBrush

From the plantation, the bamboo is moved to the factory where it is shaped into the toothbrush handles and stamped with @BambuuBrush, before the brush itself is added by machine and the finished product is packed in the distinctive card box.

bamboo toothbrush production - @BambuuBrush


The team shot hours of film and took hundreds of pictures, which will be used to tell the @BambuuBrush story. Tommie said: ‘We ended the trip in Shanghai, in pouring rain but we enjoyed seeing the sights again, exactly two years after Rebecca and I first visited the city. We’ve all come so far in that time and it was a proud moment for us to see how sustainable our production line really is.’

Bamboo toothbrush production - @BambuuBrush

Watch our social media channels as we release more video and images. If you have already got your bamboo toothbrush. head over to @BambuuBrush and get involved now! 


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