The Full Bundle

Get all of the amazing, sustainable and environmentally friendly products together and continue to spread that positive message to others that we can make simple changes away from plastic, work together and change the world! All bundled up and delivered in The Limited Edition Tote Bag


  • The Water Bottle (Latte White or Matte Black)- RRP £20
  • The Coffee Mug (Latte White or Matte Black) - RRP £16
  • The Lunch Box - RRP £18
  • The @Bambuu Cutlery - RRP £4.95
  • The Reusable Straws (Bamboo or Stainless Steel) - RRP £4.95
  • The @Bambuu Cotton Buds - RRP £2.95
  • The @BambuuBrush® Original 4-Pack - RRP £8.95
  • The Tote Bag (Black or Natural) - RRP £7.95

With your purchase, we will also:
📚 Educate children on plastic pollution
🌊 Clean up Ocean-Bound Plastics
🌎 Offset our emissions quarterly

All of this through our new project - @BambuuProject