The Bamboo Cotton Buds - @BambuuBrush®

  • Made from Moso bamboo and cotton - 100pcs
  • 100% Compostable - Organic waste or Compost
  • 100% Compostable Natural Kraft Cardboard packaging 

543.75billion plastic based cotton buds were produced in 2017 and they are the pinnacle of a poor quality single use item that is in high demand but can be easily swapped to an eco-friendly alternative. As of October 1st 2020 plastic cotton buds have now been banned in the UK alongside plastic stirrers and plastic straws. The Bamboo Cotton Buds made from organic Moso/Mao bamboo and organic cotton to inspire you to continue to make simple changes away from plastic in your bathroom.


Through @BambuuProject with every purchase, we will commit to:
📚 Educate children on plastic pollution
🌊 Clean up Ocean-Bound Plastics
🌎 Offset our emissions quarterly