Working with Clean the World and Amazon staff

In an exciting new partnership, @BambuuBrush has been collaborating with the pioneering health organisation Clean the World. The team recently enabled Amazon employees around the world to give their time to support those displaced by war.

Clean the World Foundation is a global health organisation committed to improving the quality of life for vulnerable communities around the world, providing sustainable resources, programming, and education focused on water, sanitation, and hygiene for all those affected by poverty, homelessness, and humanitarian or natural crises.

We’ve all seen the news from Ukraine and one third of that population has been forced from their homes since the start of the war. Many of these families need basic relief supplies, including the necessary products to provide for their daily sanitation needs. More than 800 volunteers from Amazon recently helped pack 25,000 hygiene kits.

The products donated included - of course - @BambuuBrush, which balances an extremely high level of oral hygiene with a reduction in plastic pollution.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Also in the kits were denttabs mint toothpaste tabs, which require around 80% less packaging than toothpaste. They’re also 100% vegan, natural, sustainable and foam-free. Also included was, of course, the Clean the World soap, made from recycled hotel soap, together with a number of other personal hygiene goodies.

Hygiene Kit Builds are a fully customisable and hands-on way for employees to make a real difference in the fight against hygiene insecurity. Get in touch today to organise your very own sustainable Hygiene kit build…for the people & planet.

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