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Our bamboo toothbrushes are now out in Bali, Indonesia and @BambuuBrush are excited to announce our partnership with Positivity Influencer & Fitness Guru @MikaelaDiBlasio and her Empower Retreats in North Bali. Immerse yourself in this once in a lifetime experience.. This trip includes sunrise workouts on the beach, a beach clean up, swimming in magical waterfalls, fruity smoothie bowls, self love workshops & so much more!
Environmental Yoga Retreats
My name is Mikaela & I will be your host for this super fun filled Empowering Retreat. I welcome you with big open arms & hope you get the chance to join me in beautiful Bali...
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What can you expect from my Empower Retreats?
A whole lot of smiles, high fives, hugs & all the good stuff (we'll be a team right?!). There’ll be lots of sweat but heaps of support through all the workouts. Not just from me, but all the other guests that will soon become your new best friends! Throughout the Retreat I’ll be taking you through environmental workshops showing you a documentary about the use and abuse of plastic, following a beach clean up the next day. 
We’ll be talking about ways of being more thankful & kind to ourselves through self love and gratitude and we’ll be eating the most phenomenal plant based food you’ve ever eaten.
I've teamed up with the legends at @BambuuBrush so every guest gets a little take home gift making their One Simple Change away from plastic to a sustainable toothbrush. Through out the retreat we will be making sure that our environmental impact is reduced as little as possible and we will help the local community by carrying out a beach clean up.
If you guys want to join us in Bali head over to  https://thevillas.holiday/empower and don't forget to get your bamboo toothbrush.

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