We Are All Human Here T-Shirt

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  • £18.00

With our Partnership with Humanitas Charity and @BambuuProject we are super proud to give our customers the opportunity to join the global movement of WE ARE ALL HUMAN HERE -

£10 of every T-Shirt sold goes directly to the WE ARE ALL HUMAN HERE campaign

‘We Are All Human Here’ is an empowering reminder that we are all united by our shared humanity and have the choice to make a better, more unified world today for the children of tomorrow.  

As humans we all have a responsibility to help those around us, and as a charity our purpose is to restore the imbalance and injustice that so many people face - sometimes purely because of where they were born.

As humans we’ve rarely felt so divided as we are today; we’re divided by politics, religion, race, national-lines, wealth; and above all we’re divided by fear and uncertainty. We aim to cut across these so-called divisions with a message that’s more crucial than ever: ‘We Are All Human Here’. If, like us, you believe in the power of this simple statement, then please join us simply by sharing a post promoting our ‘We Are All Human Here’ t-shirt campaign or use your platform to inspire change.