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Hilary Robertson 6/20/2021

Flying High With Etihad Airways 

As holidays and flights abroad seem tantalisingly possible, look out for your favourite @BambuuBrush toothbrushes flying high with Etihad Airways.

@BambuuBrush was the obvious choice for Etihad Airways, after our successful project with Virgin Atlantic , who offer our toothbrushes on their flights. Supporting sustainable initiatives, the Etihad first Greenliner eco trial flight for 2021 saw them testing eco-friendly initiatives.

The Etihad Greenliner is completely carbon neutral for 2021 thanks carbon offsetting. Goinga step further, the airline is working with sustainable suppliers including us!

Water comes from Al Ain Water’s sustainable, 100% plant-based water bottles (including the cap). There’s sustainable cutlery and pots for onboard dining, right down to sustainable inflight meal trays and sustainable and locally-produced meal ingredients.

The Etihad ecoFlight is crewed by a dedicated group of Green Ambassadors; cabin crew who have volunteered to take part in the Sustainability program within Etihad. These crew use their experience on board to offer in depth feedback to the service delivery teams within Etihad, sharing passenger queries and taking part in workshops to further enhance their understanding of sustainability in aviation.

“This is such a great project for us to be involved in,” said @Bambuu’s co-founder Rebecca Dudbridge. “Now that people are starting to plan moving around the world a little more again, we’re delighted that Etihad Airways are one of the leading players in looking at making the aviation industry more sustainable. We are excited to hear from passengers and hope they all enjoy using their @BambuuBrushes.

As well as taking single-use plastic out of the flight, there are technical solutions to the flight itself. You can find out more about Etihad Airways’ Ecotrips here

Etihad full article - Link here 

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